BARK! espresso teamed up with Great Dog to create Seattle's first dog friendly cafe atmosphere while serving the north Seattle community.  Dogs and their humans are welcome to mingle with their coffee in the Great Dog Lounge-- called the Hound Hang Out, which is next door to BARK! espresso.  Those that are canine-less have their own haven in BARK! espresso's airy atmosphere.  Located in the Pinehurst-Northgate area, we serve Caffe Vita espresso drinks and offer an array of light fare for breakfast.

Hours:     Monday   - Friday 7am - 5:30pm
                Saturday  8am - 5pm
                Sunday 8am - 4pm
OPEN CHRISTMAS DAY 8:30am - 2pm and New Years 9am - 3pm!  (closing early on the 'eves)

Free WiFi with beverage or food purchase.
TWO LOCAL ARTISTS! Art Show featuring in our Hound Hang Out,  Paddywag Photography.
Currently at BARK is awesome dog portraits by
Denis Fitzpatrick.

The Hound Hangout room, offered next door at Great Dog, has air conditioning and a special window you can access BARK!