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"I think we may have found the perfect cure for whatever may have ails you.”

-Hair of Dog, Seattle Weekly, 

“Thank you! One of the reasons I go to The Bark instead of making coffee for myself at the office, is that I love the human interactions and mutual care and respect you all show. Thank you!” - Oct 5, 2015 Square Feedback
“Every time I come in, its good, all good. Thank you for that...”-8/15/15 Square Feedback
“Wow! It was so surprising to get Vegan! I will choose that any time over regular stuff. And if it was whole wheat or whole foods whatever, my excitement wd go through the roof! --News Flash!!!--Send everyone to The Bark; they know how to take care of people there!!!” - Oct 9 Square Feedback 
"Best coffee I've had in Seattle. I've tried cafes on the Ave, Cloud City , lots of Starbucks , this cafe has better coffee than all of them."

Ala'a S. - Yelp.

"The first time I went into Bark espresso, I was greeted with a sunny smile and a cheerful hello and every time since it has been exactly the same. The staff is friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and enjoyable. Often that friendly interaction first thing in the morning is all that you need to get your day started off on the right foot. The coffee is strong extremely potent with caffeine they serve macarina baked goods as well as local bagels. Each order is served with a smile and love."  - Leah R - Yelp
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